9 Celebrities Who Suffer With Chronic Pain


Isn’t it time you—and your pain—got some star treatment?

They may be rich and famous, but celebrities can suffer from pain just like the rest of us. Many doctors refer to pain as the “great equalizer,” because it doesn’t care if you’re a celebrity with millions of dollars in the bank or someone struggling to make ends meet. Chronic pain can hit anyone, at any time.

As the following stories illustrate, celebrities can suffer from a wide range of painful struggles. More importantly, their stories show that you don’t have to be rich and famous to experience real relief. Fortunately, a number of health advocacy groups, like HealthRight, have dedicated their efforts to making sure that everyone has access to the best pain solutions—regardless of their income or social status. Read these celebrity stories to find out more, including important information on how you can feel like a celebrity and beat your pain.

Here are 9 celebrities who struggle with pain and how they deal with it:

1. George Clooney (Back Pain)

Yes, one of the sexiest men in Hollywood suffers from chronic back pain, which started when he suffered an injury while filming the 2005 thriller Syriana. Clooney says that at one point, the pain was so bad that he even considered suicide. Even though his pain has now become more manageable–no doubt due to the fact that he is able to access some of the most advanced, cutting-edge pain treatments–Clooney admits that now he has to take a much more careful approach to the films he chooses.

2. Bono (Chronic Pain)

BonoFor years, the leader singer of super group U2 has struggled with the painful effects of several accidents that he’s experienced on stage. In 2010, the band had to cancel several concerts as he recovered from back surgery. More recently, Bono got into a serious bike accident in New York’s Central Park that left his eye socket shattered as well as severely broken bones in his arm and leg. Thanks to his committed efforts—including the use of several emerging pain strategies—the celebrated singer was able to heal and be ready for the band’s record-breaking 2015 World Tour.

3. Sarah Hyland (Kidney Disease)

Sarah-HylandFor the first few years of the hit show Modern Family, Sarah had to hide her struggle with the significant pain causes by kidney dysplasia. She told Good Morning America that viewers may notice her struggles during those early seasons because her character is often sitting down or leaning against a wall. But since receiving a kidney transplant in 2012 (from her own father), her pain has diminished thanks to a healthier lifestyle.

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4. Paula Abdul (Back Pain and more)

PaulaThe former dancer, recording artist and American Idol judge first started having back pain when she experienced a cheerleading accident at age 17. Then, Paula endured a car accident in 1987 followed by a terrifying plane crash. After remarkably surviving both accidents, she has been living with horrible pain for years, in addition to developing a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome. And in 2009, she checked herself into rehab for painkiller addiction and has become a spokesperson for helping people find non-addictive pain strategies.

5. Jillian Michaels (Endometrosis & PCOS)

Jillian-MichaelsEven though Jillian has become famous for pushing people past their limits on The Biggest Loser, you may not know that the successful fitness trainer has suffered through her own fair share of pain. She has experienced the painful effects of both endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)–which causes debilitating abdominal pain and also became the reason why she adopted rather than become pregnant. Jillian has found that eating healthy and exercising regularly help her to overcome the symptoms.

6. Melanie Griffith (Neck Pain)

melanie1Since 1988, the star of Working Girl has been struggling with the effects of neck pain. Apparently, she had been hit by a car in 1980, which began her neck pain difficulties. This eventually led her to becoming addicted to painkillers, combined with alcoholism, and landed her in several stints in rehab. After she got clean and became an outspoken critic of the many dangers of narcotic pain treatments, Melanie got into a ski accident in 2009, which led to a relapse and another rehab visit. Today, she says she has finally overcome her addictions with the help of new technological breakthroughs.

7. Bo Derek (Back Pain)

Bo-DerekAt one point, Bo was one of the hottest models, following the heels of her famous turn as the sexy siren in the movie 10. But for years, she’s had to struggle with the pain resulting from a herniated disc caused by years of horseback riding. After she was able to get matched to the correct pain treatment for her condition, Bo participated in the “Many Faces of Pain,” a traveling photo exhibit that went around the country raising awareness for proper pain management.

8. Pharrell Williams (Synesthesia)

pharrellYou’d never know it, but part of Pharrell’s musical genius comes from the same health condition that causes quite a bit of discomfort. Synesthesia is a neurological disorder that affects how sensory information is perceived. Sufferers report that they can literally “see color” or “taste sounds.” In fact, Pharrell titled one of his albums “Seeing Sounds” as a reference to his condition. And while this may sound positive, due to the fact that synesthesia is caused by sudden and significant biochemical and electrical storms in the brain, some report being negatively impacted by headaches, migraines , and other sorts of pain..

9. Halle Berry (Diabetes)

HalleThe Oscar-winning actress (Monster’s Ball) was first diagnosed with diabetes back in 1989. One common result of diabetes can be significant nerve problems, including debilitating discomfort and pain in the extremities. Halle reportedly keeps those symptoms at bay with regular exercise and a diabetes-friendly eating plan. Her story illustrates the fact that—since pain can come from many different sources—those in pain deserve to be effective treatments customized to their needs.

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Give Your Pain the “Star Treatment”

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