Have a Cold or Flu? Don’t See the Doctor Until You Read THIS!


Stop your suffering by using this 2-minute solution … in the comfort of your own home.

Cold and flu season is here. That means you and your loved ones will soon be suffering from your share of sniffles, coughs, fevers, and aches. Hopefully you’re not sick right now, but if you are … we have a secret to help you feel better, right away. And you can do it all without leaving home.

When you get sick, it goes without saying that you need advice from a doctor and, if necessary, a prescription to treat your symptoms as soon as possible. But getting out of bed, fighting traffic, waiting in a germy office, and then spending even more time getting a prescription filled is the last thing you probably want to do.

There is a faster way to start feeling better. We recently discovered a new service launched by HealthRight, a health advocacy group. What’s different about HealthRight is that, because of their commitment to helping connect Americans to fast and convenient health care, they offer an array of mobile solutions, including On-Demand doctor consultations over the phone.

How can HealthRight help you with a cold or flu? They’ll bring the doctor to you. You can get an official medical diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and even prescriptions sent right away. It all starts with a free health consultation. You can be speaking a U.S. Board-Certified physician within minutes from your phone, computer, tablet, or other mobile device.

…within 15 minutes of calling HealthRight, I had a prescription for my chronic cough waiting for me at my local pharmacy.

Talk to a Doctor in 15 Minutes

It didn’t take us a lot of digging to find positive reviews for HealthRight. For example, Scott M., a work-from-home dad who lives in North Carolina, told us: “I don’t have time to visit my doctor every time I get a sick. It takes me an hour to get there, and by the time I have my prescription and get back home, I’ve wasted half my day… Within 15 minutes of calling HealthRight, I had a prescription for my chronic cough waiting for me at my local pharmacy. The nurse was quick to help, and the doctor instantly knew what my issues were and what I needed.”

Scott is not alone. We found a number of positive reviews, including Chris F. from Texas, who had this to say about the HealthRight service: “I liked the fast response and ease of using HealhRight. Even when I was running all over town with my kids, I was able to talk to a nurse and get the help I needed.”

HealthRight not only makes sense for people like Scott and Chris, but also for the millions of Americans who will get sick this year. Because during this 2015-2016 cold and flu season, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) predict…

  • About 62 million Americans (about 1 in 4) will get a cold this year I
  • Most people will suffer multiple colds a year (Children = 6-10; adults: 2-4)II
  • About 60 million Americans (20%) of the population will get the fluIII
  • As many as 49,000 could die from flu complications this seasonIV
  • The flu vaccine is only being made for about 50% of the U.S. populationV

With alarming statistics like this, it makes sense to use HealthRight’s On-Demand Doctor Visits if you or a loved one ever gets sick and want to get better quickly.

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It Starts With a Quick Survey

To start your free health consultation to treat a cold or flu, simply take one of HealthRight’s online Health Surveys. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete. Once you complete your survey, you’ll receive a free membership and your free health consultation.

This month’s HealthRight survey is focused on pain: its causes, effects, and possible solutions. Even if you don’t suffer from any chronic pain, the HealthRight Pain Profile is a quick way to access a free membership and free health consultation. And if you do have chronic pain, you’ll not only get the free membership and free health consultation, but you’ll also get matched to a prescription or hospital-strength pain solution–which you may also qualify to receive for free.

If you are interested in a free health consultation so that you can treat your cold or flu, start now by completing the complimentary HealthRight Pain Profile. Even if you aren’t in pain, you can use this profile to get access to a doctor whenever you need one.

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More HealthRight Benefits

We also discovered that HealthRight doesn’t just connect you to doctors to treat your cold and flu or provide needed medications. When you complete one of their health surveys, you also get a free membership in the entire HealthRight program, which helps you save up to:

  • 60% on both brand & generic prescriptions
  • 50% on lab tests, x-rays & other imaging studies
  • 50% on dental care, including cleanings & x-rays
  • 30% on in-person doctor visits (even if you don’t have insurance)

Best of all, these savings are available whether you have health insurance or not.

How to Solve Your Cold at Home

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